Canteen is maintained for the easy availability of quality food for the visitors. Food orders can be placed after visitors reach the sanctuary. Orders can be placed till 4.00 pm in the evening.


There are 5 open gypsies with sitting capacity of 8 for the tourists. The price for each 30kms is 1300.00 Rs.
There are also 2 xenon gypsies with sitting capacity of 14 for Rs. 1800.00 Rs.


There are 22 trained guides available for the tourists. Tourist are required to be accompanied by a guide for Rs. 250.00.

Tarrif Details

Machan Cottage with Suite Room  3000/-
Cottage with Suite Room 2500/-
Suite Room 2000/-
Bar Safari With TV & AC 1500/-
Suite Room Type-A 1000/-
Suite Room Type-B 800/-
Dormitory 250/-

Entrance to the forest is allowed between 6:00 am to 6:00 pm

Please feel free to contact us:
07707298111, 09009270216

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